Area Two Experimental Brewing Redefines ‘Dank’ IPA

Connecticut’s Area Two Experimental Brewing innovates with a brand-new style of IPA for its first major hoppy brew release. Pineapple Sour D is what they’re calling a “Hazy Hemp IPA” – a riff on the popular Hazy Juicy style of IPA, but brewed with hemp seeds and extracts for a brew that’s “extra dank.”

Pineapple Sour D Hazy Hemp IPA is a hazy, juicy IPA brewed with pineapple, hemp hearts and terpene extracts “packed together for a brew that’s a total trip” says Jared Emerling, Area Two Brand Manager. “It’s dank terpene aroma greets the palate and is followed by a hazy cloud of tart pineapple balanced by a soft, kushy mouthfeel and smooth hop bitterness.” Emerling attests, “it’s a heady brew you can crush ’til it’s cashed!”

Master Brewer Phil Markowski and his team spent over a year developing Pineapple Sour D at Area Two, a second facility on the Two Roads Brewing Campus in Stratford, CT, that serves as the Innovation Hub for the company. While Markowski has had notable prior success in the world of hazy IPAs with brands from Two Roads like Two Juicy Hazy Juicy IPA, Cloud Sourced Hazy Juicy IPA and HAY-Z-BOY Hazy Juicy IPA, he wanted Pineapple Sour D to be different.

“Pineapple Sour D is the rare type of beer that literally stops and starts conversations,” says Markowski. “When a can is cracked among unexpecting patrons the powerful aroma stops people in their tracks, ‘Is that legal around here?!’ Then the conversations begin with “That’s a beer?! Where do I get one of those?!”

Director of Marketing, Collin Kennedy, agrees with Markowski, “Heads turned when we started pouring this beer in our tasting room. We knew we had something different right from the beginning,” and after that initial response the team set forth getting the brand developed for distribution.

Kennedy says that the name was a no-brainer too.

“This brew is all about having fun,” and the name itself is a reference to the classic hemp strain, Sour Diesel, that along with real pineapple gives Pineapple Sour D it’s distinct aroma. “Not to worry everyone,” says Kennedy, “Pineapple Sour D is THC and CBD free.”

Pineapple Sour D recently launched in 4-pk 16oz cans in all current Area Two Experimental Brewing markets. Keep your eyes open – and your nose keen — for this “Hazy Hemp IPA” in an account near you!


Area Two Experimental Brewing is the Innovation Hub for Two Roads Brewing Company situated on a 10-acre campus in Stratford, CT. The 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility focuses on innovative, small batch product development for various Two Roads Brewing Company brands along with its own line of experimental, one-of-a-kind brews. Area Two features a diverse collection of barrels, foudres, concrete and steel tanks and massive 50-barrel coolship to deliver an array of boundary-breaking brews.