Annual Sake-tasting Event Makes 18th Year in California

Sunny California will be in for a treat on Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 as All Japan News Inc. & the Sake Shochu Beer Institute of America present the 18th Japanese Sake Shochu Beer California Challenge. The annual cultural event will be held at the Miyako Hybrid Hotel at 21381 South Western Ave., Torrance, CA 90501.

Sake-brewing is an art that originates from ancient Japan sometime in 600 BCE. Its tradition was conceived as a form of thanksgiving to the Gods for a successful rice harvest. Sake is a mildly fermented beverage similar to beer. Shochu is a later concept that arose from Thailand in the 14th century. Shochu was first introduced in Okinawa before being spread to the rest of Japan. One main difference between sake and shochu lies in the preparation process. Sake is categorized as a brewed liquor like beer, while shochu is distilled – comparable to whiskey and vodka.

The sake-tasting event provides the perfect opportunity for attendees to experience a genuine slice of Japanese culture within the comforts of California. There will be authentic Japanese cuisine such as yakitori, okonomiyaki, and sushi, paired with Japanese beverage favorites, which include junmai-shu, ginjo-shu, daiginjo, shochu, and beer. Participants will have the opportunity to taste more than 50 kinds of sake and shochu, which is ideal for restaurant owners/staff in search of new additions to their menu.

Additionally, the event pays a side homage to Japanese cuisine, which are collectively referred to as “Washoku.” Japanese cuisine was added to the UNESCO list of intangible heritage in 2013, toward preserving its distinct style, flavor, and traditions for generations to come. Attendees will also be treated to musical performances involving classic Japanese instruments such as shamisen and taiko.

The annual Japanese Sake Shochu Beer California Challenge has proven in past years to be a meeting point for restaurant owners and food experts who are interested in incorporating Japanese cuisine and culture into their practices. Sake has become increasingly popular in the USA, which is currently the biggest export market for Japanese sake in the world.

Entry for the event is priced at $45 per ticket. Order here: