Ohhhh snap! Brewmaster Phil got a little hyper and added ALL THE FRUITS to this space jammer. Inside this can is a flavor odyssey so intense it can only be called HYPERNOVA. Made with astronomical amounts of apriums, peaches, nectarines, cherries, vanilla, and a touch of lactose, this 100% mixed-culture and barrel-aged sour explosion might just warp space, time, and your tastebuds. ABV: 5.8%

Notes on the recipe from Brewmaster, Phil Emerson:

“Hypernova Vol. 4 is a snapshot of stone fruit season from the Californian Central Valley. Every summer, Blossom Bluff Orchards provides us with a bounty of fruit at its peak ripeness. For this beer, we really wanted to emphasize the flavors of ripe apricots and nectarines. A small addition of vanilla and lactose rounds out the mouthfeel and magnifies the aromas into intense notes of candied peaches. This barrel-aged lightly tart beer has more stone fruit than we’ve ever used in ANY BEER WE’VE EVER MADE—and our hope is that it reminds you of the very best of what summer has to offer.”

Hypernova Volume IV is available to ship NOW on the online store or you can pre-order it with Libra Charm in the Hype Mixed Pack! You can also click here to place an order for pick-up at the taproom in Alameda.