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America’s Finest City Homebrew Competion

America’s Finest City Homebrew Competion


Its Beer Competition Season!

American Homebrewers AssociationQuaff Home Brew Club is hosting America’s Finest City Home Brew Competition again this year. While the event is closed to public, it will happening at AleSmith behind the scenes starting Friday February 7th 2020

If you are interested on how to start a homebrew club or find homebrewing clubs near me, follow the link bellow:

Over the course of two days and three sessions, over 500 home brewed beers, ciders and meads will be judged across 40 individual categories.

The competition itself has seen many home brewers win medals multiple times over multiple years. As a result these winners have turned pro and have opened several local San Diego craft breweries from South Bay to North County.

Will the next local craft brewer evolve and emerge from this years AFC Home Brew Competition? Only time and medals will tell. 

QUAFF meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7 PM at Karl Strauss Brewery & Tasting Room located 5985 Santa Fe Street San Diego, CA 92109. Dues are $30 per year. Guests are always Welcome. 🙂

If you would like to find more about brewing, Northern Brewer has a home brewing guide that will show you How To Make Beer In 4 Basic Steps

If you need more home brewing information, visit the American Homebrewers Association Website

Sponsored by: QUAFF Home Brew Club, American Homebrewers Association


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Gaaron Varner I am a member of QUAFF (San Diego Homebrew Club) and I love the San Diego Beer Scene and am fascinated with its growth and caliber of beers San Diego has created over the years. I can't wait to see what the future holds for America's Finest City!!! Brew On!!!
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