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5 Best Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

5 Best Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers


Finding the best gift for the beer lover dad, workmate, girlfriend, or boss (and maybe girlfriend boss) can prove to be a little tricky, especially when you’re not a beer person yourself. 

Of course, there’s a bunch of clever gift ideas for beer lovers that they can use and enjoy. There’s the indestructible cooler that will help keep those brews ice cold or the popular beer equipment kit for the novice home brewer or those limited edition books on the North American microbrewery movement.  

We didn’t however need to consult brewmasters and brewers and other beer experts to know that the best gift  beer lovers will truly want and appreciate will be no less than a six-pack or two of their favorite drink! At Jet Gift Baskets, we didn’t only wrap them bottles in fancy boxes and cute baskets, we’ve packed them with gourmet snacks that go perfectly well with every gulp of them fizzy cold beers! 

Okay, let’s start with the basics. Complement his or her birthday bash with this Birthday Brew – Shocktop! Give the celebrant more reason to raise their bottles to the cheers and well wishes from family and friends with this awesome collection of a four-pack and gourmet treats everyone can enjoy for a birthday party to remember!  


The popular Longboard Beer Party from our great selection of beer gift baskets make for an enjoyable pairing of gourmet Longboard beer and delish snacks of beer bread, beer cheese, pretzels, among many others! Without a doubt this unique crate of beer goodness will be the life of any party!

Impress the new neighbors with an awesome housewarming present or the boss with a congratulatory gift on her promotion or the best buddy with a remarkable Father’s Day present with the BBQ Beer King gift basket. Have their names printed on the box or some cheesy message written on the ribbon when you order to add more pizazz to this king of beer gift baskets!  

Let’s Day Drink is one of our best-selling beer gift baskets and the reason should be pretty obvious: it’s the absolute proof that beer lovers need no occasion to open a bottle of their favorite brew! They can always enjoy one any day of the week and any time of the day and ahm, night!

To say that the Ninkasi Vanilla Oatis Oatmeal Stout Deluxe Bouquet is impressive is an understatement. This 24” tall, 12-pound bouquet of beer and snacks is towering treat of beer goodness any beer aficionado will drool for! It’s packed with a six-pack of flavorful stout and sumptuous gourmet snacks for any brewtiful celebration!

Whether you’re looking to buy a beer lover relative or friend an exceptional gift for his promotion, for Valentine’s or St. Patrick’s, for your anniversary, or to simply say thank-you, getting him or her one (or two) beer gifts from our amazing collection of beer gift baskets at Jet Gift Baskets will definitely be worth a celebration in itself! Bottoms up!

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