3 Daughters Brewing is continuing to give back to the community. On Tuesday, the brewery was featured on the national television show Kelly & Ryan and was surprised to learn that they were being presented with $5,000 for their generosity to the community with the free hand sanitizer promotion.

Instead of keeping the money, the team at 3 Daughters Brewing has decided to pay it forward and match the $5,000 provided by Kelly & Ryan and they are purchasing $10,000 in gift cards in $50 and $100 increments for local bars, restaurants and grocery stores, and giving them away on social media to members of the local community. 

The free gift cards will be given away beginning today and are an effort to help show support for local businesses to help them get back on their feet, representatives said.

For more information regarding 3 Daughters Brewing, visit www.3DBrewing.com.

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