Come ye miscreants, minstrels, beer nerds, and barflies! Come ye troubadours, punks, thespians, and metal heads! We are distinguished delinquents, and so are youl! Join us in our raucous celebration of community, carousal, and craft beer!
Fellowship of the Beard
Humans are communal creatures. From the earliest days of our evolution we’ve banded together to explore and experience the world around us. From the plains of Africa to ancient Mesopotamia to the Inca to the Victorians to today, our drive to coalesce and converge is a defining mark of our character. Just how we organize ourselves varies, yet at the core of each ensemble is humankind’s unyielding spirit of community. For us at the Beard, the Delinquents Club is a unique kind of community – one where delinquents from all walks of life can enjoy an artfully crafted beer while finding respite, repose, engaging conversation, and a good laugh in the company of their fellow miscreants. May craft beer and community be the ties that bind us all! 
Membership Details
The inaugural class of Distinguished Delinquents commences June 1, 2018.
Membership is valid June 1, 2018 – May 31, 2019.
Your $150 membership includes:
Distinguished Benefits
  • Stein Pours on Designated Beers
  • Growler/Crowler Fills on Small Batch Beers
  • 10% discount on Beard Merchandise (Online and In-house)
  • Complimentary Birthday Beer (1 beer of your choice)
  • Opportunity to Purchase and Pick Up Future Bottle Releases in Advance
  • First Opportunity to Renew Delinquents Membership Next Year
  • Member-Only Round Table with BBB Ministry of Beer
Delinquents Plunder
  • 1 Bottled Beer*
  • Distinguished Delinquents 32-ounce Glass Growler
  • Collectible 2018 Membership “LP” which includes:
    • Commemorative 12” Record Cover
    • Commemorative 12” Year-1 Photo Collage
    • Commemorative 12” Beard “Record”**
    • Commemorative 7” Record Cover
    • Commemorative 7” Record Sleeve
    • Commemorative 7” Die Cut “Hop ‘N Roll Over” Magnet
  • Distinguished Delinquents Membership Card
  • Distinguished Delinquents 4” Sticker
  • Distinguished Delinquents 4” Circle Patch
  • Distinguished Delinquents Pin


Interested? Heres the link to sign up!!


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I am a member of QUAFF (San Diego Homebrew Club) and I love the San Diego Beer Scene and am fascinated with its growth and caliber of beers San Diego has created over the years. I can't wait to see what the future holds for America's Finest City!!! Brew On!!!

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