2 Towns Ciderhouse Announces #1 Selling Craft Cider “The Bad Apple” in Cans in

2 town BadApple
Raymond Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief

The #1 independent cidery in the country, the Pacific Northwest’s 2 Towns Ciderhouse announces today their chart-topping, The Bad Apple (10.5% ABV, #1 selling single-serve craft cider in the U.S.), is now available in 4-packs of 12 oz. cans (in 15 U.S. states) for the first time since its original launch in 2010 (The Bad Apple is sold in 500ml. bottles, on draft, and now 12 oz. cans). 2 Towns Ciderhouse is a pioneer and true innovator in the cider world: 2 Towns was the first cidery to not only produce an imperial cider, but to establish imperials as its own category within the cider marketplace (their Cosmic Crisp is the #1 selling imperial cider); first to produce craft cider in multipack cans in the U.S.; and first to package craft cider in a 6-Pack wrap. Demand for imperial ciders is skyrocketing (ciders over 8% ABV are up 112% in Nielsen-measured retail channels 2022 vs. 2021) and The Bad Apple in cans is ready to satiate drinkers’ appetite for flavor-forward, elevated ABV ciders.

“It’s very exciting to see the imperial style evolve into an entire cider category of its own,” says Lee Larsen (CEO & Co-Founder of 2 Towns Ciderhouse). “For several years, we diligently worked to have the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approve the use of the term ‘imperial’ on cider labels. In 2014, they signed off on it and 2 Towns is now credited as the cidery to launch the imperial cider category. People are seeking out bigger and bolder beverages and we’re thrilled to produce higher-ABV ciders in the format people love, cans. It’s the perfect beverage for all special drinking occasions.”

The Bad Apple is made of fresh-pressed Northwest apples and Meadowfoam honey aged on Oregon White Oak. Beekeepers bring their hives to the massive meadowfoam fields close to the 2 Towns Ciderhouse to pollinate the flowers. The rich dark amber colored honey is some of the highest quality with incredibly robust notes of vanilla, toasted marshmallows, marzipan and crème brûlée. Honey is added along with the fresh pressed apples directly to the fermenting tanks, boosting the initial gravity (or fermentable sugars) of the cider to produce the 10.5% ABV from which The Bad Apple’s namesake originates.

Garnering 24 medals at prestigious awards shows, The Bad Apple is a showstopper for 2 Towns (40% of sales at 2 Towns is from their line of imperial ciders). 2 Towns operates as a winery with a craft beer mindset. As imperials gained overwhelming support with double IPAs and imperial craft beers selling through the roof, the cider scene is having its moment with 8% ABV and higher craft ciders being the drink of choice for a vast array of people.

2 Towns Ciderhouse distributes to retail, restaurants and bars in 15 U.S. states and their acclaimed cider portfolio is available for shipping direct to consumers in 41 states (LINK).