Eukaryst Beer and CD release at Toronado

Being an alien that enjoys both beer and heavy metal music, I was very excited about this special event at Toronado.  This event was very unique, and let me tell you why.  Gino Fontana is the bass player in the... Read More...
Stone Go To IPA (big)


 ᾚᾁῇᾃῆ? ᾿ἜᾁΊᾃ  ᾮἂῆἇ  Ἠἲὀ  Ἔầṹ?  ᾚᾁῇᾃῆ?  <click-click> Hello? Hello? Is this thing working, or not? Oh, there it is. Sorry about that. My "Universal Translator 3000® has been flaking out every since I got ... Read More...
stone go to ipa

Stone Go To IPA Review 2

Stone's Go To IPA is considered a session IPA.  This means a low alcohol IPA and a few other examples are Lagunitas DayTime IPA and Port Brewing Wipeout IPA.  Both of these are great examples of this recent bee... Read More...

Wien’s Brewing Insomnia IPA

Denizens of this particular Class M planet; third planet from the star you call "Sol"; "Earth", for lack of a better term: greetings! Just popped in for a hit of your wonderful hoppy beery goodness, and wou... Read More...

BELMArtian Wheat IPA using BELMA hops

Beer Aliens have been researching beer since we crash landed on Earth. Most of our research until now has been in the form of consumption, but some of us longed for a stronger connection with the beer we consum... Read More...
lost abbey merry taj

Lost Abbey to Release First Ever IPA

San Marcos craft brewers The Lost Abbey is set to release Merry Taj IPA. It will come as a winter seasonal IPA to be released only in kegs to be found at your local beer bars.

The Alchemist Heady Topper IPA Beer Review

I found a text message on my phone alerting me that a good beer friend who I met at Maryland Death Fest had left a cooler of beer at my front door. To my surprise, I found a growler of Sante Adairius Rustic Ales "831 IPA" and two cans of the coveted Heady Topper! For those of you not familiar with Heady Topper, it's the flagship beer of The Alchemist, and is only available in Vermont.