It was Saturday afternoon, October 10th, and I decided on a whim to fly my spaceship over to San Diego to the Ocean Beach Oktoberfest Celebration. When I arrived, I noticed it was pretty empty, so I skirte... Read More...

Pure Water Brew competition behind the scenes

Clean Water Services shared a new video Tuesday that follows the progress of the Pure Water Brew competition, from water collection and purification to brewing and judging. The Pure Water Brew Competition was the first-ever challenge to home brewers to crea... Read More...
Evil Twin Justin Blåbær Beer Review

Evil Twin Justin Blåbær Beer Review

I poured Justin Blåbær into a tulip glass and it poured about the same color as grapefruit juice. It was cloudy with a slight red and purple color. The head was a fluffy pink color that quickly disappeared to nothing. There was absolutely no lacing. This beer looked amazing!

Tasting Room Review: Benchmark Brewing Company

I had heard about this small brewery near my residence called Benchmark Brewing Company. This is nestled down in the Grantville neighborhood in San Diego City right near Highway 8 and I-15. It's located in a quiet industrial park on Fairmount Avenue.