Wild Barrel Brewing San Diego Vice With Pink Guava Beer Review

Vice Pink Guava small scaled | Devils River Whiskey

Wild Barrel Brewing‘s Berliner Weisse (Vice) fruit sours are nothing less than perfect. With multiple flavors to choose from, there’s one for every beer drinker. Today we are sipping on “San Diego Vice W/ Pink Guava” and let me tell you, it is exactly what I was expecting. If I’d say this beer is refreshing it would be an understatement.

Vice Pink Guava 3 | Devils River WhiskeyThe beer pours as a beautiful golden color with a big white head that last for a while. The aroma is funky and sweet but the taste is fruity and sour, just how we like it. The mouthfeel is smooth with perfect carbonation that lingers long enough to leave your tastebuds begging for more. The light to medium body makes this beer super easy to drink. You almost forget that this is a beer.

Wild Barrel Brewing has given us a well balance fruity/sour beer. With summer just around the corner, Vice should be stocked in every refrigerator around Earth. Keep in mind that Vice beers rotate flavors and it can only be found only when are ready and not a year round beer.

If you are into sweet wine and/or sour beers, do whatever it takes to get your hands (long fingers in my case) on a can of Vice W/ Pink Guava. You won’t regret it.