Wien’s Brewing Insomnia IPA

Wien’s Brewing Insomnia IPA

Wien’s Brewing Insomnia IPA


Insomnia IPA (detail)[beer id=4823]

Denizens of this particular Class M planet; third planet from the star you call “Sol”; “Earth”, for lack of a better term: greetings! Just popped in for a hit of your wonderful hoppy beery goodness, and wound up stopping by my quasi-local, Bine & Vine in Abby Normal Heights. Human beer seller extraordinaire Geoi guided me to a newish offering, from a Temecula CA outfit that started out as a winery in 1995 — but only got into the beer game in 2012. Wien’s (pronounced “Weenz”) may be the new kids on the block, but this is no flash-in-the-pan boy band. If their Insomnia IPA is any indication, Wiens Brewing is hangin’ tough, indeed.

Pretty standard in appearance, with a decent but by no means noteworthy color or head. Good lacing, which is always a plus. But nothing here differs from what is the norm for this style.

But wait…. Hold on a second here. What do we have here?

*Massive* hoppy aromatic hit to the smelling organs here. A welcome 500 kilogram hammer o’ hops to the face. If the Internet is to believed, there’s Columbus, Centennial, and Falconers Flight hops all up in this piece.

The hoppy goodness vibes continue on with the flavor profile. No “chewing on pine cones” vibe that bedevils many a’brewer of this sort of thing. No grassy (assy?) notes that come from too many dry hops out-lasting their hospitality in the bright tanks. 95 IBUs too, in case you’re tracking such things.

No, this has a clean, straight ahead (not straight edge!) hoppy bitterness in the front of the flavor profile, that doesn’t get all messy and unappealing on its way out the door & down the hatch. Very easy to download this into your most practical of alcohol processing organs (for humans, that would be the stomach and the liver). Careful though: 7.5% ABV is not the biggest beer of them all of course, but could catch up to you at the end of the day. After all, no one wants to wind up being alien anal probed, now do they? There, I thought so!

All told, a very worthy bomber of clean hoppy IPA goodness. Just the thing for topping off my tanks before making a run to attend the infamous “33 Hours o’ Hops” pub crawl over at Proxima Centauri IV. Or for a quiet night listening to Viking-style Death Metal in Abby Normal Heights. Six of one, half dozen of another. 🙂


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