IMG_8048If you have yet to watch any of the short films that epic humans Tom Keliinoi and Aaron Mayer have crafted then you need to grab a beer and get to work! What’s On Draft is a hilarious series of short films covering all things craft beer, from interviewing epic humans in the beer industry to spoofing everyone’s favorite television show Game of Thrones. 

The dynamic duo of Keliinoi and Mayer come with years of experience in both the craft beer and film industry.  Keliinoi’s background includes working the LA film scene for more than a decade now, and Mayer brings years of experience in home & commercial brewing.

Keliioni left the luxurious life of camera operator (the modest title) in LA to work with BFF Aaron Mayer as an Assistant Brewer at Acoustic Ales in downtown San Diego. Mayer has continued to be the boss man Head Brewer at Acoustic Ales, while Keliinoi choose to leave in March of 2016 to pursue What’s On Draft full time.

Working locally in the San Diego beer industry has made it easy for the comedic duo to reach out to other breweries when organizing film sets for the series.  Culture BrewingAlpine Beer Co., and White Labs are just a few of the beer friends that have made appearances in their beer focused skits. 

This week (Tuesday June 28th), the What’s On Draft team wrapped up Season 1 of their short film series at Culture Brewing in Solana Beach. The night was filled with delicious craft brews from Culture (our favorite being the La Cerveza Mexican Lager), scrumptious tacos from Boca Roja, extremely frustrating but amusing games, and last but not least wonderful human friends and family. 

Photo Cred: Matthew Grau

Photo Cred: Matthew Grau

In addition to celebrating the end of Season 1, Keliinoi and Mayer burnt the candle at both ends by raising funds for Season 2’s Kickstarter! In order to open up the attending human pockets, Keliinoi and Mayer set up a silent auction of rare bottles and growlers to help motivate the flow of cash. 

Good news everyone (please read in Professor Farnsworth’s voice)! The What’s On Draft team has reached their minimum goal of raising $17,500! The Kickstarter is still open for donations since this amount raised was the absolute bare minimum of funds needed to make Season 2 the best it can be. 

The surplus Keliinoi and Mayer receive will be spent wisely on the following: 

– An additional 8TB of Rugged RAID hard drive space. $1600

– Basic equipment & liability insurance – $2000

– Additional money for gear rentals – $2000

– A Panasonic G7 and a GoPro Hero4 for flight tasting episodes – $1000

– An Albuquerque episode with our associate producer Addison – $1000

– Replacing the LA tattoo on Tom’s arm with an SD tattoo – $700 ****

Any additional money we receive beyond this will go towards post production and preparation for a 3rd season. 12119151_166552210358347_2860054334480377021_n

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