Westvleterenbeers now accepting Bitcoins for online orders

Westvleterenbeers now accepting Bitcoins for online orders

Westvleterenbeers now accepting Bitcoins for online orders


With customers all over the world, Westvleterenbeers wants to provide multiple payment options. Paypal is charging 3.5% on each order placed, besides that Paypal converts the currency exchange from US dollar to EURO at the highest possible rate which leads to huge differences according to standard exchange rates. Therefore Westvleterenbeers will accept from now on Bitcoins which are easy to use, fast, reliable and have no extra transaction costs. It is the next step to enter the digital world so the Westvleteren 12 Trappist can be easily obtainable by customers worldwide. Paypal will still remain a payment option which is used for MasterCard and VISA payments. Westvleteren 12 is the most sought after beer in the world thanks to the top rated scores by members of Ratebeer and Beeradvocate. Belgium is well-known for its various and generally excellent beers. Westvleteren 12 is one of them. But, this beer is more than just an excellent beer. It is named as the best beer in the world. Because of this fact, you probably think that you can buy this beer in every store, bar or restaurant, but you are wrong.

Westvleteren 12 is an urban legend. Besides that is the best beer in the world, it is the rarest as well. This means that you can buy Westvleteren beer only at the Abbey of Saint Sixtus in Belgium, where it is actually brewed by Trappist monks or in the webshop. The beer is beyond phenomenal – with red-brown and clear color, creamy aroma, tastes like caramel. It is approximately 11% ABV, which means it is very strong. The ones who tried it say it is absolutely delicious. If you have an interest in Belgian beer, Westvleteren will exceed your expectations and you will understand why it is awarded as the best beer in the world.

If perhaps you are in Belgium and you want to try Westvleteren 12, make sure to ask in a couple restaurants or bars even if it not on their menu. If it is your lucky day, maybe you can finally try it.

The rarity of this popular beer grows every year. Still, its production has remained the same. Be that as it may, keep in mind that you can buy Westvleteren 12 online at http://www.westvleterenbeers.com

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