WeldWerks Brewing Co. Releases Little Man Space Junkie Sour

Space JUnkie 2 | Beerathon
Photo Credit: WeldWerks Brewing Co.

 WeldWerks Brewing Co. and Little Man Ice Cream Company are teaming up again to create an ice cream beer that’s inspired by Little Man’s Space Junkie, a delectable ice cream featuring a black raspberry base, marshmallow fluff, the award winning Sweetest Bean Vanilla, and house-made brownies. WeldWerks’ rendition of the ice cream will be transformed into a sour ale and released on Friday, August 26 at the brewery taproom.

This is the third collaboration between Little Man Ice Cream and WeldWerks; the duo released Marsh Madness last March with Odell Brewing Company and released Little Man Salted Oreo Stout last October. Little Man Space Junkie Sour is the latest beer coming out of this collaboration series and will join WeldWerks’ outstanding pastry sour portfolio, along with other “I can’t believe it tastes just like it” favorites like Key Lime Pie and Strawberry Cheesecake.

Space JUnkie 1

“Space Junkie is one of my favorite flavors from Little Man Ice Cream and as a brewer, what better way to honor your favorite ice cream than to turn it into a beer?” says WeldWerks Head Brewer Skip Schwartz. “With the black raspberry melding perfectly with the marshmallows and brownies, I felt the flavor combination would be a unique pastry sour that will close out the last bit of summer.”

Little Man Space Junkie Sour is a sour ale brewed with Little Man Space Junkie ice cream, Little Man house-made brownies, black raspberry puree, vanilla, marshmallow, and milk sugar. At an approachable 4.1% ABV, this dessert-like sour is the perfect cap to a summer well spent.

“I think that fans of Space Junkie ice cream will be pleasantly surprised by the beer version of this ice cream,” says Little Man Ice Cream Company Production Manager Sarah Hegge. “Converting Space Junkie to a sour beer is a fun twist that I can’t wait to try!”

WeldWerks’ Little Man Space Junkie Sour will be available at the brewery, on Friday, Aug.26, depending on quality control release hold. The beer will also be available in cans and on draft within WeldWerks’ distribution footprint. Check the brewery’s beer finder for more information on availability.