W00tstout 2.0 Review – Brian Parker

W00tstout 2.0 Review – Brian Parker

W00tstout 2.0 Review – Brian Parker


So Terry beat me to it.  He was the first alien to snag a bottle of Stone‘s W00tstout 2.0.  Well, a few days later, my boss picked up a case of W00tstout 2.o and gave me a bottle.  I immediately put it in the refrigerator at work, and then took it home, then opened it right when I got home.  I poured it into the small glass I received from Societe Brewing on their Second Year Anniversary.  I was so eager to enjoy this beer and report to you, what my findings were.

The beer was chilled, but I drove all the way home, then made one stop on the way, so by the time I poured it, I am guessing it was in the mid 50-degrees Fahrenheit range.  It poured a pitch black into my glass, with a thick, frothy, dark tan head.  I let it settle for about 2 minutes, and it fizzled down to a nice halo of bubbles and remained so, throughout my enjoyment of this beer.  It had a slight oily consistency to it.  When I swirled it on the glass, it would stick to the wall of the glass.  This beer did not look watery at all.

I drew the glass in to analyze the aroma and first noticed the smell of roasted pecans, followed by licorice, smoke and bourbon.  It took many tests to find all of these aromatic notes.  They all seemed there, but on different levels.  I noticed the licorice and smoke notes came out the more the beer warmed up.  I was slightly pleased with the aromas, but hoped the taste would be bigger.

Tasting this beer was probably the best part.  Finally, I could taste the chocolate, that was added to this version that was absent from W00tstout 1.0.  For some reason, the chocolate was not detectable to me, in the aroma, but it was very present in the taste.  The good part is, it wasn’t the only taste.  W00tstout 2.0 seemed balanced with notes of dark molasses, vanilla of the barrel, and maple syrup.  The mouthfeel was sticky and thick.  It was also surprisingly well carbonated, for a dark beer of this high gravity.  The rye also offered a slight spice burn at the tip of my tongue that I would not expect in a stout of this magnitude.

Overall, W00tstout 2.0 is a slight improvement on the first, as that they have added chocolate.  The chocolate, in my case, did not add anything to aroma but added a note to the taste, that was balanced by the roasted pecans, bourbon barrel, smoke, oak and maple.  The 13.5% ABV obviously is an attraction, and is a direct contribution as to why this must be proofread by my fellow alien colleagues.  Do yourself a favor, pick up a bottle of W00tstout 2.0.

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