Two Beer Aliens, Raymond & Terry, landed at the Manzanita Brewing Co. today where we met some very nice humans whom extended a very warm welcome to our kind. While at the brewery, Head Brewer Matt Patterson, took us behind the scene for a look at the ‘Day-to-Day’ operations. New ideas and new flavors are in the works but all that is ‘Classified’. From fermentation tanks to a Distillery area, we were given full access to the entire place. Luckily enough we were able to documented some of the findings in the form of Photographs and can be seen bellow.

Manzanita Brewing Co. has been creating quality Craft Beer since 2010 and has no plans to slow down. In fact, on October 2nd from 4pm to 8pm they will be holding a release party for their highly anticipated Witch’s Hair Pumpkin Ale.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the entire staff at Manzanita Brewing Co. for their hospitality. Special Thanks go to Nina Izadi from the Marketing Department for allowing us to visit the brewery before opening hours. It is safe to say that Manzanita Brewing Co. is on the top 3 favorite breweries in San Diego for this Beer Alien.

Manzanita Brewing Company | Santee, CA USA | 619-334-1757

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