On a warm, dry fall day, an IPA is what fit the bill perfectly.  Vital IPA by Victory Brewing Company, 6.5% ABV.

Appearance: Very Pale Gold color, slight haze with thin, interrupted bright white low to zero head retention. Low-moderate carbonation.

Taste: Extremely bitter unripe lime & piney hop forward front and middle and sides. Low malt sweetness, except a vague honey caramel sweetness at finish.  Mild alchohol warmth front and middle.

Smell: Dusty sage, bitter unripe lime, sweatsocks, slight orange-blossom honey biscuit

Mouthfeel: Medium mouth-coating body, low carbonation, low-medium astringency, slightly lingering honey caramel coating finish.

Although this beer was undeniably hop-forward with strong piney and bitter citrus aromas and flavors, there was a persistent lingering honey-caramel presence as the serving warmed up slightly. The spicy sage aroma seemed like this IPA would go well with Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing & gravy, especially as a pre-dinner beer.

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