We got our alien hands on a bottle of Victory Brewing Company’s incredible Selene Saison. This dark saison surely did not disappoint! The Selene Saison is the darker “celestial sister” beer to Victory Brewing’s Helios Ale. This beer is a wild-fermented farmhouse-style saison, which gives it its slight sour taste. This beer is also made with East Kent Golding hops and a mix of pilsner, chocolate and rye malts, giving it a nice balance. At 7.5% ABV, the Selene Saison’s spicy and earthy undertones will surely keep you warm and cozy during those long and cold winter months!

Appearance: This dark saison pours a beautiful dark, hazy, chocolate-brown color with a wonderful head retention. The head has a slight hazel mocha color. When help up next to a light, you will see a slight reddish color to this saison. 

Aroma: At first sniff, there is a strong clove presence. I also picked up on notes of chocolate and some banana scents as well. Although this saison has a sour kick, there seemed to be no sour scents.

Taste: The first taste I received was a slightly sour note. Once the initial sour note passed, I tasted strong hints of chocolate, coffee, and roasted barley. Its earthy and spicy undertones give it a subtly warm taste. Finally, this saison has a slight toffee/caramel and dark chocolate aftertaste. 

Mouthfeel: This full-bodied saison has a fairly creamy mouthfeel; similar to a stout but not too thick. This beer has a lower carbonation level, which makes it feel smooth and slightly flat as it goes down.

Overall, this dark saison is surely a treat. This beer would pair nicely with a hearty meal on a dark, chilly night. As a lover of dark beers, this one (obviously) struck a chord with me, and I don’t see this Selene Saison as being my last!

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