Victory Brewery Dirtwolf Beer Review
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Victory Brewery DirtWolf double IPA pours a nice clear golden color and immediately teases your sense of smell with pine, caramel, a little grape and a subtle hint of mango. This beer smells amazing! Since this beer was for reviewing and we only had one, we had to resist the temptation to dive right in.

First sip brings a smile as you realize that your nose did not lie to you and this complex, multi-layered IPA is delicious. The flavors blend well but also stand on their own allowing you to experience this beer twice. Once as a combined group of flavors and secondly as the aftertastes linger slightly, highlighting the individual components.

Now DirtWolf IPA does pack a punch since its ABV is 8.7% but that does not add a boozy flavor or overly-alcohol tinged flavor. Victory Brewery has created an incredible example of what happens when craft is still present in the term “craft beer”.

Beer Aliens get access to many beers including rare and hard to find gems. Despite that, we will continue to purchase Victory Brewery DirtWolf to ensure our beer fridge has these on hand at all times.



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