Beer Alien investigated Urbn St Brewing in El Cajon, a city east of San Diego, CA. After travelling just a little bit further in our craft to get there than most other San Diego area breweries, we were amazed at what we saw when we arrived. The building is fairly large and beckons you to come inside. The brewhouse is visible from the parking lot side, the entrance is on the street. The outdoor patio looks like the perfect place to enjoy San Diego’s weather.

Walking through the front door, you are immediately aware that you in a brewery AND in a restaurant. The decor is rustic and comfortable. Friendly humans greet you as you enter where you are offered the option of traditional restaurant table servive or the choice to sit at the tasting area bar. Urbn St Brewing offers coal fired pizzas and you can watch them making them through the glass walled pizza kitchen. The human abductees that we brought along to sample the food were very impressed with what they described as East Coast paper thin crusts and delicious toppings. Our human “guests” also tried their chicken wings and were blown away with the freshness and flavor.

Editor’s Note: Beer Aliens are unable to digest Earth food and must rely on “acquired” humans or human volunteers to sample human food such as pizza.

Now on to the real reason we aliens went to Urbn St Brewing, the beer. Brewmaster Callaway Ryan joined us and brought out a taster of everything fo us to sample. Each beer was clear and flavorful and each immediately told us that something different was going on at Urbn St Brewing. These beers were not a collection of generic IPAs, Pales and a Stout for good measure like some places offer. Callaway has decided that his beers need to stand out, they need to scream “different.”

Now before you decide that different means scary, let us calm your nerves. The differences are in the choices of hops or yeast and not in crazy oddball ingredients. So you IPA hopheads will still find you want, but the IPAs won’t taste like you picked up just any IPA. There are real and amazing flavors going on in these beers. If you are thinking that El Cajon is too far away, think again. It is worth the drive.

To find out more about Urbn St Brewing and their beers, we interviewed Callaway Ryan while we were there (see interview bellow).

Our overall impression of Urbn St Brewing? Great beers, fun and inviting atmosphere and (according to the humans) amazing food.

Editor’s Note: Urbn St Brewing is owned by the same people that operate Urbn St Pizza in Vista, CA

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