Two years after the end of the investigation into allegations of long-term market abuses in Greece by Athenian Brewery (owned by Heineken), Macedonian Thrace Brewery (MTB) welcomes the announcement by the Greek Competition Commission (HCC) that finally it will be issuing its decision on the case by the end of November.

MTB, however, continues to be concerned by the extraordinary length of the HCC investigation, which began well over ten years ago.

At that time, Heineken dominated the market with an 85% share of Greek beer sales. Today two multinationals, Heineken and Carlsberg, share that position to the detriment of locally owned breweries, new entrants and ultimately the Greek consumer.

The HCC’s approval earlier this year of Carlsberg’s takeover of Olympic Brewery placed no restrictions on the deal. Rather than taking steps to ensure an open and competitive drinks market, encouraging new investment and job creation, the competition authority has left the Greek consumer to face high prices and ever more restricted choice.

Now, in its long-awaited decision, MTB calls upon the HCC to deliver a strong message to deter abusive, irregular and illegal practices which stifle a healthy and competitive market and ultimately hinder the recovery of the Greek economy.

Macedonian Thrace Brewery is a wholly Greek owned brewery. This press release expresses the views and opinions of Macedonian Thrace Brewery.

SOURCE: Macedonian Thrace Brewery S.A.

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