untappd_verified_venueIn this article you will learn how to use Untappd for Business.

Since February, more than 3,000 business locations worldwide have signed up and partnered with Untappd, the leading mobile app for craft beer enthusiasts to share and explore all types of beer. These pubs, bottle shops, breweries, restaurants and national retailers have linked up with Untappd to help showcase the beers they carry.

“There are millions of people worldwide that make up the passionate community behind Untappd, and now, for the first time ever, businesses are able to connect and become more engaged with Untappd users in their local markets,” said Bryan Batten, Vice President of Business Development at Untappd.

Untappd Co-Founder Greg Avola said “It really is a win-win situation, By having thousands of businesses on the new Untappd for Business platform, Untappd users are able to find almost any beer nearby, as well as learn about upcoming beer-related events in their area. And on the business side, Untappd’s partners find tremendous value from not only connecting with this audience, but also through a host of operational efficiencies.”

The Untappd app is a social network for all things beer.  It helps enthusiasts and beginners track, share and discover new beers all over the world.  And with over 4 million users “checking in” nearly 400 million beers, Untappd has cemented itself as the go-to app for beer lovers. 

The Company’s new product, Untappd for Business, is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that helps businesses promote their beer by connecting them with app users in the area. In addition to providing targeted promotions, the software also includes several operations tools, such as custom print menus, website and Facebook integrations, social media posting, digital beer boards, and analytics that help save businesses time and money.

Checkout the video below to learn how to create and build beer menus:


Untappd for Business, introduced in February of this year, serves customers of all sizes.  From national retail, restaurant and brewery partners like Total Wine, ABC Wine and Spirits, Old Chicago, New Belgium, Flying Dog, and Green Flash, to thousands of local small businesses around the world, Untappd for Business has broad appeal and has experienced acceptance among all types of businesses with a focus on craft beer. These customers rely on Untappd for menu creation, publication and promotion. There are also venue and region statistics available to help spot trends and identify beers that clients should be carrying or brewing.


“Partnering with Untappd has been a very easy process and has helped Total Wine & More increase awareness of our vast craft beer assortment,” according to John Jordan, Senior Vice President at Total Wine & More. “Untappd for Business is the perfect platform to help us get more engaged with the craft beer community in California and Washington, and we are seeing sales growth.”

“Untappd for Business has provided us with a more meaningful connection to our customer base through real-time, instantaneous interaction with our customers,” said Doug Cedrone of Beer Noggin, a craft beer bottle shop and taproom in Bronxville, New York. “The push notification feature is one of our favorites. Our clientele love the ability to immediately see any updates to our menus or events and many have told us that they solely rely on the app features to do so.”


Untappd has a FAQ section for anyone that has any other question about Untappd For Business. You can access this page by going here: https://help.business.untappd.com/support/solutions/16000020303

Theers also a solutions page here: https://help.business.untappd.com/support/solutions

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