Next Glass, the breakthrough company that uses science and machine learning software to accurately predict how much people will like a particular wine or beer, has announced a strategic merger with Untappd, the leading mobile app that allows users to socially share and explore all types of beer.

Untappd is used by millions of people around the world, and the merger will provide Untappd with additional resources and technology assets to accelerate new feature development and further global distribution.  Additionally, Co-Founders Tim Mather and Greg Avola will join the Next Glass leadership team, adding significant technical, design, and beer expertise to the company.

“We couldn’t be more excited to join forces with the Next Glass team,” said Greg Avola, Co-Founder and CTO of Untappd. “With this merger, we’ll be able to grow while keeping the Untappd brand and everything that Untappd has come to stand for completely unchanged for our loyal user base. Tim and I are thrilled to go on this journey with the Untappd community.”

With the merger, the joint entity will immediately become the preeminent beer software company on the market.

“Our focus has always been on leveraging our science and machine learning to build amazing tools for consumers, breweries, retailers, and bars,” said Kurt Taylor, Founder and CEO of Next Glass. “Together with Untappd, we have created a powerful combination that will provide millions of consumers and businesses around the world with an unprecedented experience when it comes to sharing, socializing, and learning about all things beer.”

The following is taken from the Untappd blog:

So, the big question is, what does this mean for Untappd? It’s simple – nothing but good things. Untappd will remain an independent entity (albeit a subsidiary of Next Glass), with Tim Mather (CEO) and Greg Avola (CTO) continuing to steer the vision of the product. With the resources provided by Next Glass, we will be able to transition into full time roles within Untappd as well as hire on more staff to speed up our feature development and make the platform even better for the community. This means you will get new updates, cool features, and even more badges, faster. There will be no rebranding, name changing, or abrupt pivots. We will continue just as we have, building a world class social community for beer drinkers – only at a much quicker pace. 

For more information on Untappd, please visit or download Untappd in the Apple App Store or on Google Play. For more information on Next Glass, please visit or download Next Glass in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.  

Untappd is the leading mobile app that allows you to socially share a brew you’re currently enjoying, as well as where you’re enjoying it, with your friends! Curious what your friends are drinking or where they’re hanging out? Just check out their Untappd profiles and comment on their activity to find out! It’s a great way to spread your favorite brews and hangouts with your friends. To learn more about Untappd, go to

Next Glass develops software that uses science and machine learning to deliver personalized recommendations to consumers and breakthrough business tools to breweries, wineries, and retailers.  Next Glass has analyzed the chemistry of tens of thousands of bottles of wine and beer, and has stored the “DNA” of each beverage in its Genome Cellar™ database, creating the world’s largest database of its kind.  To learn more about Next Glass, go to

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