The ingredients, the brewing process and even the energy source to run the machinery are all focused on freshness and sustainability. Bucks Star is a microbrewery in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, and it uses only the best quality malted barley, hops and yeast. The beer is handmade, focusing on quality and bringing out the fullest flavor.

And the brewery, which is due to open June 2015, is run on solar energy.

“We’re very excited about launching this business,” says Datis, who owns and manages Bucks Star. “Our beer offers a bold, fresh taste because we’re passionate about brewing beer and we pour our heart and soul into every bottle. It’s full of flavor, brewed to perfection every time.” Their first beer, called Bucks Star No.1, will be a pale ale.

Bucks Star recently launched #BeerByYou, a collaborative social media campaign, to involve people passionate about craft beer and brewing and to give them the opportunity of helping to decide on future beers Bucks Star will brew commercially and is encouraging beer-lovers to support this project.

Bucks Star will be selling unfined real ale in casks as well as bottle conditioned beers. Locals will be able to visit the brewery and purchase their beer directly.

If you’re interesting in finding out more about Bucks Star beer, you can follow them @BucksStarUK


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