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Photo Credit: @saintarcherbrew Instagram

Saint Archer Brewing Company hosted an event on Thursday November 5th partnered with Group Y. We will share the full recap details of the event in another article but did come across something interesting during the tour we went on. During the tour of the brewery we got a few sneak peaks into many things that Saint Archer has been working on including a new barrel aged series they are releasing called Tusk & Grain. It gave us a sort of feeling of déjà vu so we decided to do some research into it. On Saint Archer’s Instagram under a photo that they posted of the barrel with the name etched into it one user asked the question “Is this the same Tusk and Grain that Coronado Brewery use to brew?” that went unanswered.

We thought it was a great question and decided to do some research to help clarify this mystery to the public. It turns out the VP of Saint Archer Brewing, Jeff Hannsson, was employed by Coronado Brewing Company from January 2012 through March 2013 according to his LinkedIn Profile. This was not something that was mentioned during his introduction by the Co-Founder at the Saint Archer Brewing event we attended though it could have been a simple oversight.

Here is a photo we found of Jeff with the President and CEO of Coronado Brewing Company. You can view it on Coronado Brewing Company’s website here:


Photo Credit: Coronado Brewing Company

This was a photo we took with him during last night’s event:

There was an article written by Brandon Hernandez and published by the San Diego Reader back in April 23, 2013 called “Tusk and Grain nixed by ‘Nado”. In the article, Brandon talks about the short life of this artisan style line of beers that were produced by it’s parent company Coronado Brewing Company. You can read the full article here:

You can find one of Tusk & Grain beers brewed under Coronado Brewing Company listed on called the Coronado Tusk & Grain Loutish Madras an Imperial IPA here:


Photo Credit: @tuskandgrain_ Twitter


Photo Credit: @tuskandgrain Twitter

Or you can go over to UnTappd and see photos of the Tusk & Grain beers produced during that time here: There is a list of five beers under Tusk & Grain: Tusk & Grain Loutish Madras, Black Hatchet, East Kent Bitter, Loutish Madras, & Rambler’s Red. When you click on the Brewery Information tab it says “CLOSED OR NO LONGER BREWING”.

So it would appear that this Tusk and Grain project was pulled by Coronado Brewing Company around the time that Jeff Hannsson made the move to Saint Archer Brewing Company back in March 2013 and hasn’t come up since until now. Could this be coincidence or is there more to this story?

You can see the old twitter for Tusk & Grain that was set up in March 2012 here:

Saint Archer Brewing Company just released a Tusk & Grain logo and new Twitter account:

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Photo Credit: @tuskandgrain Instagram

They also created a new Instagram which you can see here: Their first post shows the barrel with the name Tusk & Grain Beer TRD. MRK Established 2015. It’s no wonder why people who have been in the San Diego beer scene for years are left scratching their heads and feeling a sense of déjà vu.

The community has even spoken out in forums like wanting to get down to the bottom of this. You can see their discussion here:




We reached out to both Saint Archer Brewing Company and Coronado Brewing Company to see what we could find out. Heather Dueitt, Marketing Manager for Coronado Brewing Company, gave us the following statement:

“We are not ready to make a statement on this issue at the moment.”

We reached out to Saint Archer Brewing Company Marketing Manager and like their fan on Instagram are still waiting for a response but will keep you updated if we get one.

Stay tuned San Diego as this whole who is Tusk & Grain mystery unfolds. Who do you think Tusk & Grain is humans? Share your comments with us because we are trying to get to the bottom of this just like you!



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9 Responses

  1. Raymond

    Crazy how shit like this just happens. Saint Archer has done a few questionable things in the past so this can very well be one of those things. Interested to hear what Saint Archer has to say.

  2. Todd Bissell

    Putting aside the notion that I don’t get the name (“Tusk & Grain: made with organic grain and free-range animal tusks”?), I’m not 100% sure that this is a case of “where there is smoke there’s fire”.

    The real question is who was originally pushing for the Tusk & Grain “company within a company” concept at CBC?

    When Jeff Hannsson left and not-at-all coincidentally CBC pulled the plug on the Tusk & Grain concept barely a month later, that implies that the concept was Jeff’s baby, since CBC dumped it when Jeff and CBC went their separate ways.

    Now, does that mean CBC has vacated the trademark (if they ever had it to begin with, that is)?

    Was this Jeff Hannsson’s brainchild to carry with him to another company, lock, stock, and ‘barrel’?

    Or has St Archer decided to be so bold as to snipe another company’s project (abandoned or otherwise)…,regardless of where Jeff Hannsson fits into the scheme?

    Some official comments from both parties are needed before too much speculation muddies the waters, for sure.


    • WhoDaThunk

      I wish so called journalists would do 60 seconds of research to get all the facts before they publish. According to the USPTO records CBC abandoned the Tusk & Grain mark in September of 2013 due to “No Statement Of Use Filed.” The mark is now owned by MPJ Management, LLC; who is the owner of SA. I don’t see anything nefarious with this.

      • BeerAlien

        Thank you for your comment WhoDaThunk. We did see the No Statement of Use Filed but when you look at the mark application for MPJ Management, LLC they have not been federally approved. Please see below statement taken off the same thing you are referring to. It says clarification needed and they have until December 18th, 2015 to respond.

        “On Thursday, March 05, 2015, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for
        TUSK & GRAIN by MPJ Management, LLC, SAN DIEGO, CA 92121.
        The USPTO has given the TUSK & GRAIN trademark serial number of 86554511.
        The current federal status of this trademark filing is NON-FINAL OFFICE ACTION ISSUED – CLARIFICATION NEEDED.”

        In the future this is a topic of discussion and exploration so there is no need to insult people and call people “so called journalists”. Please be respectful as to we are being respectful of both sides of a confusing issue. Thank you.

      • WhoDaThunk

        This article is click-bait. You know that anything about SA is a hot-button in the Craft Beer community now. The truth is not insulting to truthful people. This is not a “confusing issue.” So you (“We”) knew that CBC had abandoned the Tusk and Grain mark but chose not to mention this fact. That fact means anyone can file to use “Tusk and Grain” and SA did. And people leave companies and get hired by other companies (even competitors) all the time. So you take offense for being called-out and ask me to “be respectful”. Shoddy reporting is not respectful of the public. Respect is earned.

      • BeerAlien

        Based on this very emotional reaction it does feel a bit like you may have personal feelings on the matter. It’s almost as if it effects you personally. We wrote the article because people were confused about it. We reached out to both sides to get statements and clarify that’s not bad journalism that’s investigating a story and allowing people to be part of the discussion. You are entitled to your own perception and opinion but it does not mean you should hide behind a computer and throw insults. Honestly we aren’t offended by them just letting people know to be respectful in their comments. You can simply disagree without slinging insults that to be honest lessen your point. We recently did a positive article on SA and have actually stuck up for them on the acquisition side of things so by no means is this us writing a story just to go against SA. We also are in the middle of writing another article about the event we attended which was an awesome event. What you say may be true regarding companies but does that really make for good business?! When someone google searches Tusk & Grain they have a bunch of Coronado related links which left people confused. Obviously time will tell and this story is still unfolding and once we are given more official statements will be sure to post them.

    • BeerAlien

      These are some great questions Todd and we definitely hope to hear some official comments from both parties on the matter soon. As soon as we do we will be sure to post them!

    • Raymond

      For experience, normally while you create something while employed by a corp. that something belongs to the corp. Normally because you are using corp resources and paid time.

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