For those that don’t know, I was willingly abducted by an Earthling wife ten (10) Earth years ago. With me zipping around the galaxy on business trips and such, the time has certainly flown by, warp speed! But what an awesome decade it’s been indeed!

For our wedding reception party back in March 2004 C.E., I planned ahead and brewed two different beers: a “His” and a “Her’s”. The “Her’s” was my standard American Hefeweizen (6# Wheat DME, 1oz Tettnanger), but with the White Labs Saison Yeast to mix things up. A tasty beer that clocked in at 6% ABV. It’s my hope that folks that scored bottles of this one have long since killed them off, since old Saison is sad Saison, in this or any other galaxy!

On the other hand, I brewed the “His” with my good buddy (and Best Man) Graz on his brew system sometime late 2003. Modeled after Rochefort 10, 10.1% ABV Quadrupel was fully meant to last a good long while. But would this be worthy a full 10+ years later?

Short answer? Yes.

Long answer? This works. It’s perhaps not the bee’s effing knees — but then again, on what planet do bees even have knees, anyway?

Before getting to far into the B.S., here’s the recipe, by way of the long-in-the-tooth ProMash program that some folks are still beholden to these days:

Karen & Todd’s Wedding Ale_rev1

 A ProMash Recipe Report

 BJCP Style and Style Guidelines


 18-D  Strong Belgian  Ale, Belgian Strong Dark Ale

 Min OG:  1.065   Max OG:  1.098

Min IBU:    25   Max IBU:    40

Min Clr:     7   Max Clr:    20  Color in SRM, Lovibond


Recipe Specifics


 Batch Size (Gal):         5.00    Wort Size (Gal):    5.00

Total Extract (lbs):     14.00

Anticipated OG:          1.117    Plato:             27.51

Anticipated SRM:          26.8

Anticipated IBU:          25.6

Wort Boil Time:             60    Minutes



    %     Amount     Name                          Origin        Extract   SRM


 71.4    10.00 lbs. Muntons DME – Light           England        1.092      5

  7.1     1.00 lbs. Candi Sugar (clear)           Generic        1.009      1

  8.9     1.25 lbs. CaraMunich Malt               Belgium        1.006     75

  3.6     0.50 lbs. Aromatic Malt                 Belgium        1.003     25

  3.6     0.50 lbs. Biscuit Malt                  Belgium        1.003     24

  1.8     0.25 lbs. Candi Sugar (amber)           Generic        1.002     75

  1.8     0.25 lbs. Chocolate Malt                Great Britain  1.001    475

  1.8     0.25 lbs. Special B Malt                Belgian        1.001    120

 Exract represented as SG.



 Amount     Name                              Form    Alpha  IBU  Boil Time


  1.25 oz.    Styrian Goldings                  Pellet   4.00  18.4  60 min.

  1.00 oz.    Hallertau Hersbrucker             Pellet   4.90   4.8  15 min.

  0.25 oz.    Styrian Goldings                  Pellet   4.00   1.0  15 min.

  0.25 oz.    Hallertau Hersbrucker             Pellet   4.90   0.8  2 min.

  0.25 oz.    Styrian Goldings                  Pellet   4.00   0.6  2 min.



White Labs WLP500 Trappist Ale

(2 vials, with starter, and O2)

This was bottled sometime in January 2004. Each table at the reception had two bottles each of the His and the Hers. Here’s what we came up with, along with all of the rest of the swag for the tables.Beerwedding_beer_label_1

The reception was amazing! The DJ was on target, the food was good, the crowd was better. We blew through five 5-gallon Corny kegs of homebrew, a half-keg of Stone Pale Ale, and most of the full keg of Miller Lite. I even sent one of my buds out with $50 bill to bring back more beer (in the form of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale). Good times!

As the madness of the reception faded, the His and Hers beers were squirreled away. I begged folks to drink the Hers as fast as possible, but many insisted on aging both the His and Hers for years and years. I even had one of the Hers about 5 (five) Earth years ago, and it tasted as good as you would expect from a five year old Saison.

Now, with me and MsEyeChartBrew’s ten year anniversary officially in the books, now is the official Last Call to drink up the His Wedding Ale. In my case, the very last bottle I own.

Good “psst!” of carbonation escaping when I popped this open. Flat beer makes me sad; and flat, and sad.

Midnight blackness. You know — the blackness that you see when you’re on the bridge of that crappy space freighter you signed on to for a few bucks, the blackness in between star systems? The soul-crushing blackness of both foreboding and boredom wrapped up in one tight little package of abject misery and despair? Um, yeah, that’s what this looks like. Just take my word for it, mmmkay?  😉

All kinds of goodness still to be had in this beer that, as a reminder, *10* years old. Very raisiny, somewhat pruney, maybe even a little figgy. Perhaps a bit too dry in the middle, and oddly sweet in the finish. But the mouthfeel is on-target — the hint of fizzy carbonation goes a long way here — and the overall presentation is still very much what I expected from such an old/”aged” beer. Maybe better than I expected, to be honest.

A beer that I knew was good *then*, and I’m happy it’s just as good (nay, better?) now. Maybe those folks that snatched these up at reception now have beers that will kick ass in 2019, 2025…, to infinite, and beyond? Or just a case of a beer meant to be served before Infinite and Profane Thrones? 😉

All of my love to MsECB.





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