What |  No Salt is a golden sour beer aged in tequila barrels!  Fermented with Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and various other microorganisms, this sour beer blends flavors found in an aged tequila with undertones of tart lime. The humans at The Rare Barrel stated that their intent while blending this beer was to have nuanced flavors of tequila support the bright citrus notes in the golden sour. They’re quite confident that whether or not you enjoy tequila, you’ll appreciate the balanced, yet complex, notes derived from the tequila barrels.  Deviant and refreshing, no salt is needed for this spirited sour.

When | Saturday, January 16th beginning at 2:00PM in the Tasting Room.

Pricing | Each 750mL bottle is priced at $25 + tax

Limit | Limit will be updated on social media by Thursday, January 14th at 5PM.

Draft | No Salt will be released on tap for the bottle release.


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