In a public information campaign launched this week, Teamsters are alerting Carolina Panthers fans that MillerCoors has turned its back on North Carolina—by planning to shut down the profitable, award-winning brewery in Eden, N.C.

“Shutting the Eden brewery will destroy more than 500 good jobs and devastate North Carolina families,” saidJim Hoffa, Teamsters General President.

“We believe the decision to shut the Eden facility and eliminate more than 10 percent of MillerCoors’ U.S. production capacity is part of a strategy to reduce supply and raise prices in the U.S. market,” Hoffa said. “It’s a bad deal for North Carolina and a bad deal for consumers.”

Teamsters will be handbilling North Carolina bars and restaurants encouraging fans through social media to send a message to MillerCoors to keep the Eden brewery open and operational.

“All of North Carolina will be cheering for the Panthers in the big game this Sunday,” said Vernon Gammon, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 391 in Greensboro, N.C., and a former Eden brewery worker. “But not everyone is supporting North Carolina this year. MillerCoors plans to eliminate good jobs, healthcare benefits, retirement security and vital revenue needed in our state.”

The Eden brewery has been named MillerCoors’ brewery of the year for three of the last five years. It is one of the most efficient, productive and profitable facilities in the whole MillerCoors system according to MillerCoors’ analysis.

“It is not too late for MillerCoors to save this world-class brewery,” said David Laughton, Director of the Teamsters Brewery Conference.

The Teamsters Union has launched a social media campaign to urge company CEO’s to keep the Edenbrewery open. Show support for the workers by sending a letter to MillerCoors, Molson Coors and SABMiller. To send the letter, go to:

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