Beer Alien Invades Portland, Oregon!

Last week we decided to take out the spaceship and leave our home base of San Diego, CA and head to another popular craft beer hub in the United States....Portland, Oregon. We have one goal. To Taste Earth... Read More...

Urbn St Brewing Invasion By Beer Alien

Beer Alien investigated Urbn St Brewing in El Cajon, a city east of San Diego, CA. After travelling just a little bit further in our craft to get there than most other San Diego area breweries, we were amazed at what we saw when we arrived. The building is fai... Read More...

Tasting Room Review: The Bruery

The Bruery beers and expected a large tasting room. The room had glass windows so you can see some of the fermenters in the brewing area. In the tasting room there were lots of tables and they were packed.

Tasting Room Review: Benchmark Brewing Company

I had heard about this small brewery near my residence called Benchmark Brewing Company. This is nestled down in the Grantville neighborhood in San Diego City right near Highway 8 and I-15. It's located in a quiet industrial park on Fairmount Avenue.