Super Funkadelic from Dionysus Brewing Company

Dionysus Super Funkadelic w/ Sea Salt, Coriander and Cinnamon.

ABV 6.5%
A gose-inspired beer fermented with Dionysus Brewing Company’s own personal house strain of Brettanomyces bruxellensis and Lactobacillus brevis, and then dry-hopped with Mosaic.
When I  opened this sour, and slightly tart beer it pours pale, straw yellow with robust carbonation into a tulip (chaliced) glass.. Upon first taste I get lots of bubbles and effervescent on the nose and palate, with a slight cinnamon smell that although mellow gradually grows in intensity.
I don’t get a lot of coriander in taste or smell, but the salt balances nicely with the dry hopped addition of Mosaic hops and the cinnamon.  Not really sour, more on the tart and funky side with a slight fruity saltiness on the back end.. 
As this well balanced gose gets slightly warmer the tart and subtle acidic notes become more prominent and rise from the glass to become even more pronounced. Upon completion of the gose the underlying bouquet from the Mosaic hops turn into bright, citrus flavors with tart notes that balance nicely will the sea salt, coriander and cinnamon. 
In conclusion, I was very impressed by the beer and I can’t wait to try the other versions of Super Funkadelic as well.