I was given the Stone/10 Barrell/Blue Jacket Suede Imperial Porter to examine from BeerAlien Raymond.  It was a hot weekend and it was delivered to me already cold.  I let it warm up a bit and poured it into a chalice to view the ruby brown color with a tan head that dissipates to a creamy ring that leaves light lacing down the glass.

I pulled the glass up to my nose to get some smell but it was really tough to get much from it.  I have the feeling the hot, dry weather had taken away some of my sense of smell.  After the beer warmed up a bit more, I noticed strong molasses and honey notes with slight raisin.

The taste is where it really paid off.  At first you get big, dark chocolate notes, followed by honey, molasses, brown sugar and finishes off with slight floral notes, due to the use of calendula flowers.  I tried to find the jasmine in this porter but it I could not find it.  Perhaps this was also due to the dry weather.  The mouthfeel was pretty smooth but had a slight chalky, feel, perhaps due to chocolate wheat being part of the grain bill.  The alcohol was pretty covered up and it really did not feel like a 9.6% porter.

I will try this beer again on a more humid day to see if the nose improves.

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