Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine 2015 Review
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The 2105 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine (non Extra Hoppy version) pours a clean crystal copper color with a light soapy looking head that invites you to dive in and experience it. This 11.2% barleywine impressed the Beer Aliens the Beer Alien tasting meeting held at Plan 9 Alehouse in Escondido, CA in February, 2015. However, it is too soon to truly enjoy this beer. 2105 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine needs to be cellared for a few years before we think this beer will deliver its true experience.

We all agreed on the caramelized sugar aroma, bready yeast and the spicy hop smell given off. The dominant flavors (so far, without aging) are spicy hops, toffee malt and honey, with a little citrus.  2105 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine is lightly carbonated and has a slick mouthfeel.

We cannot stress enough that now is NOT the time to open a 2105 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine. Give it 3+ years to mature and then put it to the test. It is enjoyable now, but it will be so much better later. Perhaps you need to buy a few and try one now, and one each year to truly experience the changes this beer will go through as it ages.

Special thanks to our resident taste expert alien Brian Parker for the tasting notes.



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