Stone’s Go To IPA is considered a session IPA.  This means a low alcohol IPA and a few other examples are Lagunitas DayTime IPA and Port Brewing Wipeout IPA.  Both of these are great examples of this recent beer style.  Stone is a bit late to the game and debuted what I would consider a summer IPA, in late winter.  This modest 4.5% ABV ale has had some hype and I was eager to see what it was about.

I grabbed a single 12oz bottle and poured it into my IPA glass and enjoyed it on my balcony.  This poured a light straw color with a 3-finger, puffy white head that slowly settled down to a pretty thick ring.  The rising bubbles were consistent and helped keep the foam on the top.  I was really impressed at the appearance and couldn’t wait to try.

The aroma was a bit less impressive.  I got some pine notes up front followed by big citrus.  I was expecting a huge hop smell as soon as poured but I just did not find that to be the case.  The taste was not so multidimensional either.  It starts out a bit overly bitter, followed by the taste of citrus rind.    I had hoped to get more tropical flavors and aromas, but no such luck.  I found the mouthfeel to be a lot of what you’d expect, thin and bubbly.

I did enjoy this beer, though I wish it had been a bit more.  We may find Stone tweaking this recipe a bit but for a style that I am not crazy about, I would consider taking a six-pack of these with me on a picnic or camping.  One problem is they only come in bottles, so I would likely go with the Port Brewing Wipeout IPA, as I can buy those in 6-pack, pint cans.

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