Summer may be just about over, but it’s still hot as blazes across half the U.S. For those needing a respite from the heat (or who just don’t want to let go of summer), our resident beer scientists have just the ticket: Stochasticity Project Hibiscusicity. It’s a profoundly refreshing beer, thanks to an intense infusion of hibiscus flowers and orange peel, but don’t be fooled—this rosy-hued brew is a Belgian-style strong ale, so you won’t want to knock back a few after mowing the lawn.

You can get your hands on a bottle or a pint of Hibiscusicity starting Monday, September 15; in the meantime, acquaint yourself with the tasty specs of Hibiscusicity on the official beer page and learn how to pronounce Hibiscusicity’s tongue-twisting title from the Stone Blog and new video:



If you’re already looking forward to trying this so-long-to-summer brew, check the Stone Beer Finder to find Hibiscusicity at a bar or retailer near you.


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