In a crowded world of IPA’s, it’s always a pleasure to have choices.  Sometimes, a Session IPA is what a hot Santa Ana type day calls for.  Stone Brewing offers “Go To IPA”, a Session IPA coming in at 4.8% ABV.

Go To IPA pours out of the can a slightly hazy, pineapple golden-orange color, with lots of a bright cream/light orange colored evenly small-sized bubbly head.  You can’t help but inhale a strong citra aroma that pops right out of the can, just mere inches from your face.  The malt was hard to detect at first, but the bittersweet grapefruit impression of the hops was immediately present.

The flavor of this session IPA began with a very bright-bitter hop-forward grapefruit juicy sensation that ended more like refreshing honey-like tangerine slices on top of a chilled, crispy version of Malt-O-Meal cereal, with a subtle side note of sweetened banana chips.  A light-bodied medium carbonation fills up and dissipates quickly in your mouth with a fruity finish, and a slightly astringent sensation on the front and sides.

Mouthwatering and refreshing in the early afternoon, this alien enjoyed snacking on some chilled spicy carrot sticks, a side of light, fluffy Spanish Rice, and freshly roasted savory Carnitas served with Chunky Mild Salsa and Corn Tortillas.  2-3 cans of these would leave your guests lightly-filled, yet ready for a meal!

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A San Diegan for 20 years, I am really enjoying the ever-growing craft beer scene here. I am a musician for 30+ years, a volunteer at the San Diego Humane Society, and recently graduated from San Diego State University-Professional Certificate in the Business of Craft Beer Program! I especially enjoy good beer styles while watching and sitting in with friends at local jam sessions, hanging out with my pets and shelter dogs, camping and now trying my hand at homebrewing. As someone who likes to try new things, being abducted by Beer Alien is an exciting adventure to many new opportunities! Cheers!

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