Stone Brewing Explains Nationwide “Mistake” of Upside-Down Labeling

Buenaveza | Devils River Whiskey

StoneIPA | Devils River WhiskeyStone Brewing, the nation’s 9th largest independent craft brewery announces today that its nationwide ‘mishap’ of upside-down labels is not a mistake. In a bold campaign that extends far beyond the advertisements, Stone turned production on its head, deliberately applying labels upside down to reinforce its message that the brewery will ‘Leave No Stone Unturned.’
The nationwide ‘mistake’ was designed to shine light on all the mistakes made to-date, which allows the company to make the best beer possible. The collective years of trial and error and error and error have ensured that every last detail has been considered from ingredient sourcing and brewing, to distribution and service.  Any company can be proud of their accomplishments, but Stone’s unique culture is one that especially celebrates the accomplishments that are sometimes born of failures.

Stone’s first upside-down labels began rolling out nationwide in mid-June with no explanation, intentionally catching fans off guard. Today, Stone announces that the labels will remain upturned for the foreseeable future, urging people to look at Stone from a whole new perspective.

Stone hero | Devils River WhiskeyStone Brewing celebrates 24 years of independent craft brewing this year, as well as 24 years of letting others do the advertising. When the team decided upon an ad campaign focused predominantly in Southern California, there was no doubt it would be as thoughtfully and creatively brewed as its well-known beers. Stone’s advertising campaign will make its impact through digital, social and even major outdoor elements like billboards and wallscapes.
“Since founding Stone Brewing in 1996, we’ve been fortunate to participate in making the craft beer revolution what it is today,” explained Greg Koch, Stone Brewing executive chairman & co-founder. “Stone enthusiasts have come to expect innovation and collaboration, and frankly it’s been our honor to deliver. We’re undertaking an ad campaign that we hope will simply remind our fans to both revisit our iconic Stone IPA, as well as to ‘unturn’ some new Stones and discover our wide range of more recent offerings.”

Stone’s first-ever advertising campaign has been designed in collaboration with Stone’s creative agency, Big Family Table. The upside-down art speaks to Stone’s obsessive pursuit of craft beer perfection while inviting fans to right-side their beers, experiencing the benefits of that painstaking perfection first-hand.