Stone Brewing Co. has announced that Spring 2015 will be the last time they will brew Stone Ruination IPA.

… let that sink in for a minute …


Stone Ruination IPA joins Stone Pale Ale, Stone Levitation Amber Ale and Supremely Self Righteous Black IPA as the next victim of Stone Brewing Co.’s changes to their lineup. Like Stone Pale Ale, which will become Stone Pale Ale 2.0, Stone Ruination IPA will become Stone Ruination IPA 2.o…. ok humans, you can breathe again.

Stone Brewing Co.’s Brandon Hernandez reported the following reasons for the changes planned for Stone Ruiniation IPA:

  • A far smaller number of high alpha-acid hops were available compared to present day.
  • Myriad brewing techniques for extracting hop flavor and bitterness had yet to be invented.
  • Our palates were less used to onslaughts of lupulin and we felt like we’d maxed out the IBU possibilities.
  • The tastes of craft beer drinkers, like ours, hadn’t yet been turned up to 11 (something Stone Ruination IPA did for many of our fans).

So with a little patience, all you hop head humans will soon be enjoying an improved Stone Ruination IPA.

Find out more from Brandon Hernandez here

If, for some reason, you have yet to experience Stone Ruination IPA, here’s a little video:


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