SteamWorks Brewing Company Frambozen Beer Review
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We got our long fingers on some Frambozen from Canada’s SteamWorks Brewing Co. Frambozen has a deep rose color resembling the raspberries that went into the brewing process. Not only does the raspberries give this beer a fruity undertone, it also transfers to the nose. Smelling this beer is like a hot summer day on the Jupiter’s
Atmosphere. Where there is nothing to distract me, just an alien and his beer.

On my first pour didn’t get much of a head from this beer but by the second serving the head was a nice light rose color that seemed to last for a while. The mouthfeel is sweet but still dry enough to keep you sipping.  The small amount of maltiness and the acidity from the raspberries gives Frambozen a clean and distinctive taste.

SteamWorks Brewing Company has given us a well balance fruity beer. With summer just around the corner, Frambozen should be stocked in every refrigerator around Earth. That being said, Frambozen is a Seasonal beer and it can only be found in 650ml from May through summer.

If you are into sweet wine and/or sour beers, do whatever it takes to get your hands (long fingers in my case) on a bottle or bottles of Frambozen. You won’t regret it.

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