Speakeasy Ales and Lagers is launching a new small batch, limited edition variation of it’s venerable dark brew, Payback Porter, in collaboration with San Francisco’s Ritual Coffee Roasters.

In preparing for the limited release beer, Speakeasy’s brewmaster, Kushal Hall, worked closely with Ritual’s team of extraction specialists to find the ideal brewing method to complement the the flavor profile of Payback Porter:

“We discovered the best flavors came through a long cold extraction from the coffee. There’s a perfect amount of the espresso beans—one pound for every 31 gallons—for an intense coffee aroma and a clean flavor that doesn’t overpower the beer.” The coarsely ground beans spend nearly two days in the finished beer at temperatures barely above freezing, slowly imparting subtle flavors and bold aromatics without adding any unpleasant bitterness.

To find the perfect accomplice to the rich flavors of the Payback Porter, Ritual’s resident bean guru, Steve Ford, hand-picked their “Sugar Skull” fall espresso blend for its notes of juicy red berries, clean acidity and Swiss chocolate finish. “This will be the fourth year we’ve collaborated with Speakeasy on a coffee porter [and] with each iteration, we have had an opportunity to explore the nuances of flavor when you marry craft beer with fresh, seasonal coffee,” says Ford of the project.


Payback Coffee Porter pours a pitch black color with an intense aroma of freshly brewed coffee and bittersweet cocoa. The berry-sweet flavors of the espresso beans combine effortlessly with the dark malts and bright West Coast hops in the beer.

For the first time ever Payback Coffee Porter will be available in 22 oz bottles with total production limited to less than 600 cases. The beer will be available in bottles and on tap throughout the holiday season in all states where Speakeasy Ales and Lagers is distributed. Speakeasy will be hosting a release for the beer at The Speakeasy Ales and Lagers Tap Room with Ritual Roasters on Saturday, November 23rd from 1-6 pm with bottles and growlers available to take home.

Defiantly producing small batches of beer in a secret warehouse in San Francisco’s long forgotten Butchertown District, Speakeasy Ales and Lagers has been crafting beer in San Francisco since 1997.

Crafting coffee with down-to-the-second precision, Ritual Roasters have been pioneers in coffee consciousness since their doors opened on San Francisco’s Valencia Street in 2005.

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