There are those who are satisfied with good enough and those that set their standards higher.  For those Canadians, Sleeman is proud to announce the launch of Sleeman Lift, a uniquely thirst-quenching new beer available to Canadians just in time for summer.

“Sleeman Lift is a beer we pushed ourselves to make and a beer the performance-focused will appreciate,” explains Ed McCallum, Director of Brewing & Development, Sleeman Breweries Ltd. “It is an innovative new beer with a hint of coconut water, which we believe Canadian beer lovers will truly enjoy.”

The beer market is constantly growing and evolving, as consumers become increasingly open to new flavours and continue to expect more from their brew.  With Sleeman Lift, it is no longer about choosing between a cold pint and a thirst-quenching beverage: this new innovation delivers both.

Since it was founded in Guelph, ON in 1834, Sleeman has been dedicated to product leadership. “While Sleeman has a long history of pioneering in the industry, we are very proud to say this new product was developed in Canada,” said Stéphane Duval, Sleeman’s Vice President of Marketing. “Sleeman Lift is a great example how our understanding of Canadian beer drinkers drives the product we create.”

For more information, Sleeman invites you to visit Please enjoy responsibly.




About Sleeman Breweries Limited
Sleeman Breweries Ltd. is the third largest brewing company nation-wide. The company has supplemented its core Sleeman brands, which are available in every province, with a family of exceptional regional brands. These include Okanagan Spring in British Columbia and Unibroue in Quebec as well as Old Milwaukee and Pabst Blue Ribbon. In 2006, Sleeman Breweries Limited was acquired by Sapporo Holdings Limited of Japan. The company markets and/or distributes world class imported products such as Guinness & Harp and is supported by 1,000 employees.

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