ska milkThis is a traditional English Stout brewed with actual milk sugar that gives it the noticeable creamy finish. Brewed in Durango, Colorado as part of their award winning core beers, it is also now canned, which is how we got to try it. Perfect beer to end a day of hard work, where you just want to relax.

Appearance: Very dark beer that leaves a film in your glass as you move it around. Light doesn’t penetrate this beer and produces a cream colored head.

Aroma: Malt is the first thing to hit the nose then it gives way to a slight burnt nuttiness which then wanes into the creamy finish that lingers the most and compliments the malt notes.

Taste: Creamy coffee throughout with the malt and nuttiness making the depth of this drink all the better, it doesn’t lie flat like the typical generic stout would. Leaves a film on the palette, possible due to the coffee they chose to use, which is a plus for me.

Mouthfeel: Creamy, full-bodied feel, silky with low carbonation. Seems to feel thicker and heavier the warmer it gets.

Taste is what got me to like this beer so much, which there were more stouts like this, mouthfeel was second highest.

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