ska decadentThis Imperial IPA from Ska Brewery of Durango, CO was originally released to commemorate the brewery’s 10th year in business. It pleased the taste-buds of so many that they continued to produce this delicious concoction. This brew packs a well balanced punch with a 10% ABV.

Appearance: The Decadent Imperial IPA pours a rich, deep orange with a solid white head – not too thick. 

Aroma: The aroma from this beer was truly a unique treat in itself. Like sticking your face into a heap of hops and breathing deeply, it evokes a blend of earthy and flowery tones. Rarely am I so pleasantly shocked by the smell of a beer.

Taste: With a 10% ABV, one might expect a bitter dropkick immediately to the mouth but surprisingly, the first experience is smoooooth with a subtle caramel flavor. This unexpected intro is supported by fruity and citrus undertones. However, true to double IPA fashion, the hoppy bitterness does make its appearance on the back end, coating the back of the mouth with an earthy taste. This is one of those beers where after the first sip you pull the glass away from your mouth to look at it in astonishment as to why your mouth is so pleased.

Mouthfeel: Very rich and full bodied beer. Surprisingly smooth on the forefront.

Overall: Whether or not you are a fan of double/imperial IPAs, this beer deserves to be inside your mouth. It may not be the most standard experience that one comes to expect with this style of beer, but it certainly is a unique and interesting approach. The bitterness isn’t intense and overbearing, and so it might lose favor amongst the bitter-heads, but I think will attract those who typically avoid Imperial IPAs. Not tasting nearly as strong as the ABV percentage suggests, its super flavorful and an absolute pleasure to drink.

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