Today’s feature was a Brown Ale originating from Ska Brewing Company located in Durango, Colorado, called “Buster Nut Brown ale”, at 5.3% ABV.

This beer featured a vaguely cloudy, dark copper appearance when poured from the can, with a light tan, frothy foam which held a small cluster of medium-size bubbles perched atop scattered creamy mounds of froth, slightly reminiscent of what froth on a root-beer float might look like.

The aroma was a muted-intensity of maple syrup and medium-dark caramel, with very little (if any) hop aroma, that included undertones of a pruny or raiseny mild cognac liquor.

With a flavor of medium-dry sweet toast Munich malt forward balance and just a hint of bitter caramel in the beginning, this alien detected notes of prune and raisin in the middle, and a medium bodied creamy (although quite buttery) mouthfeel of low astringency and that finished dry and only a hint of a bitter aftertaste.  The nut flavor in this can was barely detectable at first taste, but present throughout the remainder of the serving.

My overall impression of this beer was of hot buttered maple syrup pancakes, which would taste good with bacon, breakfast steak and eggs, and hashbrowns on the side.  Although this can was date stamped 6/19/16, and had spent a little time in sunny San Diego unrefrigerated, the contents still had a favorable, solid head retention, and consistent flavors from the beginning to the end of the glass.  Someday, I would really enjoy tasting a fresh pour of this brown ale straight from the keg at the brewery for the best impression and experience.

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