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Secret Hopper: Free Beer For Your Input!

Secret Hopper: Free Beer For Your Input!


The Secret Shopper phenomenon has made its way into the beer industry in the form of Secret Hopper. This means that humans and aliens alike can now go undercover at breweries and get a couple free beers for their input! Forget the butthurt humans over at Yelp, the Secret Hoppers want breweries to succeed and provide constructive criticism in order to help brewery owners and managers make small adjustments to make sure they stay in business for years to come. 

Secret Hopper is a mystery shopping company with a focus on businesses in the craft beer industry. While beer is the anchor of the industry, any company, in any industry, has trouble surviving and being successful without quality customer service. With over 5000 breweries in the United States, Secret Hopper wants to determine what sets a brewery’s customer experience apart? It is Secret Hopper’s goal to make every guest at breweries a repeat customer.

Secret Hopper believes that an outsider’s perspective can bring surprising and helpful information to any brewery. Secret Hoppers are undercover guests who will provide honest, first-hand feedback about their experience at the establishment. They will share their first thoughts upon arriving, feedback on the atmosphere, and detailed accounts of the customer service they received while spending time at the brewery.

 Secret Hopper wants to let breweries focus on their brand and the beer, while they help clients once again see their brewery or other beer related business from the other side of the bar. Secret Hopper wants to find areas across the scope of breweries where they can improve. They want to help find new areas of opportunity to help experience even greater success. Over time their research will help businesses analyze trends, track improvements, and make their brand stronger one pint at a time.

More importantly, Secret Hoppers in San Diego and nationwide wide will get to enjoy a couple glasses of free beer in exchange for a little “work.”

If you want to utilize Secret Hopper’s services in your own brewery or want to become a Secret Hopper yourself visit their WEBSITE or FACEBOOK today! 


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