Second Self Beer Company ‘Thai Wheat’ Review by Beer Alien
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Second Self Beer Company in Atlanta, GA sent us some samples for alien analysis so we decided to crack open the ‘Thai Wheat”. This wheat ale is flavored with ginger, lemongrass and galangal (ginger-like spice used in South East Asia).

So, yeah… GINGER. As a fan of ginger beers, Beer Alien co-founder Terry Bunch loved this beer and he doesn’t typically like wheat ales. If you are not a fan of ginger, skip this one and try out the other beers from Second Self Beer Company, like perhaps their Saison.

Now on to the review… Once you open the Thai Wheat, you are immediately hit with the aroma of ginger which almost overpowers the lemongrass, almost. It pours a pale gold color and as the beer settles in the glass, the wonderful (ginger) aroma demands a sip. The flavor is mostly ginger with a layer of spice interwoven. Again, the ginger flavor is more dominant than the lemongrass, but the lemongrass does add a counterpart to some of the ginger flavor. This is, after all, a wheat ale and not a ginger beer. The mouthfeel is dry and it is easy to drink this beer so fast you land up with your second helping before you realize it.

In summary, if you like some ginger in your beer, this may be the best tasting ginger flavored beer ever. On a hot day, this beer would be amazingly refreshing. Now, how do we get more of this out here in California….

Editor’s Note: Co-Founder Terry Bunch is curious to see what someone who does NOT like ginger in their beers thinks of this one. Once we get more, we will have to see…

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