Second Self Beer Company 'Saison' Review by Beer Alien
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Second Self Beer Company in Atlanta, GA sent us some samples for alien analysis and the first one we dove into was the Saison. Made with all American ingredients, it captures all the expected elements of a light saison. Once poured into the glass, you sense subtle pepper and floral notes and those translate into related flavors on the first sip. This beer is super clear in appearance with a thin white head.

Everything about this beer is subtle and classy. Its like walking into a jazz bar where everyone is well dressed, well behaved and the band is gently playing soothing music. This beer invites you to drink it, but it is not pushy.

As you continue to enjoy the Second Self Saison, a slight peppery aftertaste builds with each sip. This adds to the overall flavor and experience of the beer. Whatever you do, do not judge this beer (or any saison for that matter) with only one sip.

Overall, this is an enjoyable beer that you could enjoy a few of, especially if its hot outside. If you are a fan of bold, spicy saisons that are strong, you may not be pleased with this one. However, the balance of flavors and the level of spicy, peppery flavor are just enough to please the palate.



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