Second Self Beer Company ‘Red Hop Rye’ Review by Beer Alien
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Second Self Beer Company in Atlanta, GA sent us some samples for alien analysis. One of those samples was ‘Red Hop Rye’. This hoppy rye red ale has aromas that remind you of an IPA, but not a West Coast IPA. This beer is dry hopped, which gives it that hoppy aroma, but that is balanced with malt and caramel aromas.

‘Red Hop Rye’ pours a red brown color and forms a thin head. The aromas that are immediately apparent are caramel and rye bread with a hint of citrus. Taking the first sip, you can taste a well balanced blend of rye and caramel with the pleasant surprise of a touch of pine bitterness. While not overpowering, the pine flavor actually compliments the caramel quite well. If you have had a English red ale, then imagine that flavor with rye and citrus.

The mouthfeel is dry and light. The slight bitterness lingers in between sips, but does not continue to get stronger as you drink more.

Overall, this is a tasty red (if you like rye). You West Coast humans may not agree that this is an “IPA”, but East Coast humans will understand that moniker.

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