Saucey Beer Goggles: Revolutionizing How We See Each Other

saucey beer goggles april 1 2024 | Beerathon

In an era where technology and social experience are intertwined, the country’s fastest growing alcohol delivery app Saucey is thrilled to announce its latest innovation. The Saucey Beer Goggles, exclusively for Apple Vision Pro.

The app is set to transform how we see each other, turning an ordinary night out into an extraordinary adventure. Check out their introductory video showing off the new tech:

Describing the cutting-edge technology, the Saucey Beer Goggles’ Chief Augmented Reality Officer Clyde Garland tried to describe the sophisticated algorithm and how it upgrades your visual perception. “Simply put,” he said, “it turns 7s into 10s.”

The Beer Goggles are currently in the final stages of testing. When asked about the expected launch date, Saucey CEO Chris Vaughn said, “Definitely soon.”

The app’s official website describes how the beer goggles simulate the couple of drinks often required to turn just-not-my-type into where-have-you-been-all-my-life. However, they caution that their technology has its limits and “will not work on anyone below a 3.”

This is Saucey’s first foray into the AR/VR space, having previously specialized in something completely different: alcohol and nicotine delivery on your phone. “That’s really more where my head is at,” said Vaughn.

Look for the Saucey Beer Goggles to drop soon. Learn more at the official Beer Goggles web page or check out Saucey’s main site.

[ Editor’s Note: Don’t forget to check the date today before getting all upset, humans. We agree that there should have a been a video of a 7 male human being transformed into a 10 as well … ]