As I write this I wonder, does it even matter? Speaking of course of the lack of professional looking websites that some of the San Diego breweries possesses. One may wonder why is this? One can assume that one of the reason could be monetary, it does cost money to start and maintain a website and this might not be in the budget for them.  Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in the social media realm. Is social media a better suit? Sites such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook do offer a method to advertise your site for free… Well, sort of.

San Diego Beer Websites

The relationship between businesses and nonprofits and their customers and clients has grown too intimate, too real-time to expect them to get information from only one source. Terms such as ‘like’ and ‘follow’ have been ingrained into the minds of big businesses and from the pass 5+ years, that’s all we’ve known. While a business could thrive from Facebook, it cannot be the only source of information to potential customers. If a brewery has 8,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook only a fraction of them will receive important updates posted on that brewery’s timeline, almost rendering the whole process useless.

The pre-MySpace era foretold that for a business to have been taken serious, it would’ve needed to have a professional looking website (remember Flash?).  Oh, How things have changed and we have forgotten the importance of this.

Societe Brewing Co

Societe Brewing Co

Lets take one of my favorite brewery in San Diego, Societe Brewing Co. While their Facebook Page have over 6,000 likes, their official website is missing something… If I didn’t know any better, I would of said that ‘Societe Brewing Co.’ would be a small ‘Hole-in-The-Wall’ place that I wouldn’t want to visit. When in fact, Societe has one of the better looking tasting room/brewhouse that produces one, if not the best, quality craft beers in all of San Diego. How could this happened?

There are a few breweries that have chosen to let their official website represent their brand, in a more harmonious way. Mother Earth Brewing Co, Saint Archer Brewing Co, Alesmith Brewing Co, Amplified Ale Works and Ballast Point are just a few examples on how a good looking website should look.

One could argue for days as to why breweries lack of professionally looking websites, and why they are not invested in the idea.  With programs such as WordPress, creating and maintaining a website is more simple than ever. So please, San Diego breweries, take the time to update your official websites. There are still people, such as myself, that still take the time to check the official business websites for specific information (on tap, maps, store hours, contact info, etc.)

San Diego’s breweries official websites and the lack there of



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